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True You Weight Loss

As the nation’s first and only dedicated endobariatric weight loss center, True You Weight Loss offers a comprehensive range of endobariatric procedures and support services to help patients lose weight.
Among the Services Provided:
Logo design
verbal and visual identity
Brand guidelines
Website design and development
print collateral
custom illustrations
digital advertising
patient journey development
HubSpot setup and implementation


Founded in 2020 with a small staff, True You Weight Loss needed to first establish its unique brand identity, then begin to attract prospective patients. As leads increased along with the staff, however, that led to new challenges, from how to organize expanding offerings and content on the website, to how to best nurture the prospects in a more efficient, automated manner. At the same time, increased competition required unique strategies to differentiate and position the practice as a leading provider in the market.


After the development of a brand that conveyed its professionalism, energy, and passion for weight loss and desire to see transformation in its patients, the website soon followed with content to demonstrate their expertise in the field. As the practice grew, so did the range of tactics, from digital advertising, to custom Spanish content, to the development of an automated system by which prospects could move through the sales funnel.


Not long after the website launch, with some initial advertising in the mix, True You saw a small but steady handful of users per day. That number catapulted to tens of thousands of users within 18 months (an increase of more than 1600%), 58% of which was from organic traffic. The development of an automated nurture system allowed for better communication and data tracking; varied yet strategic advertising led to significant numbers of leads; and, an SEO and content framework resulted in wide reach of the practice’s message, all of which drove record numbers of procedures and revenue.



Increase in Organic Blog Growth (Users: 12 months)


Increase in Consultation Submissions (24 months)

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