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Silva International

Silva International, Inc. has provided premium dried vegetable, herb, and select fruit ingredients to the food, pet, and nutraceutical industries for more than 40 years.
Among the Services Provided:
Logo refresh
Verbal and visual identity
Brand guidelines
Photography and video
Website design and development
Print and tradeshow collateral
content generation
social media management


Although well-recognized in its industry, Silva was still using a logo first developed several decades prior, alongside well-used visuals featured at tradeshows, on the website, and in various print collateral. Similarly, their messaging had run its course, and needed a re-articulation to position themselves uniquely from the competition. And with a worldwide audience, the use of video on the website became increasingly important to showcase their process and capabilities.


The development of a clear and compelling verbal identity set the stage for the refreshed logo and new visual identity. With that foundation established, a full marketing strategy was defined and implemented, including a full website design with custom photography and video, revamped tradeshow space and print collateral, and an updated social media presence.


In the two years since the launch of the updated brand, Silva’s tagline of “how good-for-you gets done” and related key messages have resonated well in an industry increasingly concerned with both the processes in place to develop products as well as customers’ well-being. The updated logo and visual identity have given Silva a strong presence at tradeshows and online, from the website, to social media, to digital advertising. Users are able to easily navigate the website to view Silva’s complete product line and order samples; additionally, ongoing content generation has allowed for growth in website traffic, especially that of organic traffic.



Increase in Organic Website Traffic


Increase in LinkedIn Followers

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